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We always strive to
develop creative solutions
that separate our
clients from the crowd,

but we understand that
building relationships is at
the core of everything we do.



From concept to the delivery of a visually impactful message, insightful design is essential.



Production and execution of unique interaction strategies, both traditional and online.



You want it done. You want it done right. And, you want it done on time.

Located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Make it Pop Advertising is a full-service advertising and design shop. We are a unique blend of concept and vision, passionate about developing thought provoking creative that builds strong relationships between consumer and product.

Through visual language we communicate ideas in a way you wouldn’t expect, a way that catches you off guard and makes you think.


We eat, sleep and breathe advertising and design. We jump up and down when we experience it, and we bounce off the walls when we create it. It’s that deep-rooted obsession that translates into our overwhelming drive to produce innovative creative that demands attention.


We operate on a single premise: increase our client’s business.
That philosophy was with us when we opened our doors and it’s part of every job we do today.

About Us

Founded in 2004 by principals Dave Holak and Rina Mackler, Make It Pop Advertising is a full service advertising and marketing agency located in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

With over 20 years of combined experience in a traditional agency environment, Dave and Rina noticed a rapid shift in the way businesses were doing business. Seeing the traditional ad agency structure was no longer working in this evolving marketplace, Make It Pop Advertising was born.

Make it Pop has built a team of professionals, each highly proficient in their areas of expertise, that allows Make It Pop Advertising to deliver tailored solutions that help turn our clients customers into their brands enthusiasts.

In short, Make It Pop is your full-service advertising and marketing partner.



Introduced to the advertising and graphic design world at the age of 5, when his father started a print shop in the family’s basement, Dave was running the presses, burning negatives, and learning the industry from the inside out by the time he was 10.

Following college and a 10 year stint with a full-service advertising agency, in September of 2004 Dave formed Make It Pop Advertising. Before long Dave partnered with his long-time associate Rina Mackler, in an effort to continue servicing clients with his creative talents, while removing the unnecessary layers associated with most medium to large sized agencies.



Rina began her career in 1990 with Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in New York City. Over the years she transitioned her skill-set from Account Executive to Account Supervisor and eventually crossed paths with Dave Holak in 1995.

With a solid advertising and marketing background, and a degree in Graphic Design, Rina brings a unique insight and on-target approach to every campaign developed by Make It Pop Advertising.


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1026 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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