[Client From 2020 - 2022]

With the pandemic canceling many in-person/community volunteer opportunities throughout most of 2020, reshaping volunteerism for CASA became the focus for 2021. Is it more complex? Yes. Are team and event-related strategies on hold? Yes. Are there volunteers out there ready to contribute? Without question. MIP launched a branded campaign ensuring volunteer opportunities reached the right people, and inspired them to participate. Platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram became lifelines for connecting and maintaining CASA’s volunteering needs. The most successful brands use social media to connect with customers, particularly through one-on-one interactions. Consumers want to see the human element behind the brand. MIP accomplished this for CASA by creating engaging, consistent, and authentic content that increased their lead generation.

Branding Campaign + Launch Strategy + Signage + Collateral + Digital + eMail Marketing