"Make It Pop" is the most cliché, overused line in design history. We're not sure who decided this is the best way to request more emphasis on a given element, but somehow it made its way into the official client handbook. 
"This looks great, but can we make it pop?"


MIP is a full service advertising and marketing agency located in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Like many agencies, we offer Brand Development, Strategic Planning, Website Design and Creative services across a variety of marketing disciplines. But, thats where the similarities end. At MIP we approach things a little differently than you might be used to.

We push our clients to be a brand that is flexible and can define itself by being responsive and relevant. Your customers are better informed, better connected, and more decisive than ever before. That means you need to adapt, change and reshape yourself to meet the needs of your adaptive, changing, empowered customers.

People are already talking about your brand, your products and your services. Fact is, your story is out there and, if you want any control over what’s being said, you need to be the one telling it.

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