[Client From 2015 - 2022]

Meet AC, Inc. is the sales and marketing force that supports the Atlantic City Convention Center. Meet AC, a tourism economic development agency, requested their website’s focus to be on three primary objectives: sales, marketing and services. Make It Pop developed three primary points of entry, designed to accommodate the unique interests of each of their three primary users.

Website + Promotional + Digital + eMail Marketing

Meet AC wanted to create an interactive experience for their 2019 Meeting Planner Guide which is distributed to planners across the United States. Utilizing a dynamic QR code on each Atlantic City property page, provided a convenient one-step process for directing users to the information they are most interested in. We then tracked the QR codes through Google Analytics, giving the client measurable statistics. MIP also integrated pop-up features on each newly designed venue floor plan, giving planners the information they need quickly.


The Atlantic City Sports Commission strategically solicits, creates and supports sports-related events and businesses that enhance our community’s economy.  AC Sports Commission was a newly formed segment charged with expanding the sports events brought into Atlantic City, New Jersey. MIP developed their site to be recognizable within the Meet AC, Inc. brand. We provided visitors with three key points of entry, and centered each point of entry around that individual visitor’s primary needs.


AC Film Commission is the third website we developed for Meet AC, Inc. The AC Film Commission was a newly formed division enticing producers into the Atlantic City area. This site was also branded to fall within the Meet AC, Inc. umbrella and provides visitors with 3 points of entry.


Meet AC’s group tour website, Tour AC was designed to assist Tour Operators, Group Leaders and Travel Agents planning a group visit or vacation to Atlantic City, New Jersey. To accomplish this, we again created three key points of entry for each type of visitor to customize their web experience around their individual needs.